Following on from the first post in this new series here is the next set of results.

Whilst catching up I will most likely post up two or maybe three sets of results until I am up to date. Unfortunately there will probably be some gaps along the way but I think I have most of the results since those in the original post.

Weekly Rank Update 04 September 2015

There were three updates in this email and they were as follows:

Best Water Shots 2015 – as it sounds your best shots of water. This was one of the competitions which had an update in the previous email In fact the most successful one of the four competitions in the previous email, so I was quite excited to see if I was still doing well or not.

As a reminder here is my entry:

Man-made falls

So here was the standing:


Though still in the top 10% I had dropped by about 300 places, but with numbers like that I was quite happy still. On to the next one.

Mark of Time – This was also on the previous update. Going to the other extreme in purely number terms this was my lowest ranked photo from that round of updates, so I wasn’t expecting much.

As a reminder here is my entry:

Shallow Falls

So here was the standing:


Oh dear, this was actually considerably worse having ranked above 635 images previously. But there was still more time for voting so anything is possible if somewhat unlikely.

Merging Lines – Simply photos showing merging lines. This was the first update for this competition and I was keen to see where I had come as I had entered my photo that had previously been a finalist in another competition. Here is my entry:

Vaulted Ceiling

So here was my current standing:


Another top 10%, a very pleasing result. I just hoped that this would be kept up for the rest of the voting period to keep me in with a chance.

Final Result: Next up was a final result on 07 September 2015 for the Best Water Shots 2015.

One that I had already had two updates placing me in the top 10% so where was I to finish? In the top 10% still or had I dropped further? Here was my final standing:


I’d gone up again. In fact, I ranked above more photos than I had in the original update. I was very pleased indeed.

But how many entries were there in total?

Being such a large variation in the number of entries from one contest to another I decided to see how many entries there were for this contest and will continue to do so for other contests when the final results come up or – as may happen in some cases – on the last update I have available.

The total number of entries for the Best Water Shots 2015 competition was 45,807. The final judging is handled by experts in the field and unfortunately I was not picked as a finalist, but according to the public vote I was ranked 29th out of 45,807. Something to be proud of.

Weekly Rank Update 11 September 2015

Two rank updates in this week, both of which appeared the previous week.

Mark of Time – did extremely badly last week having been pretty poor the week before that so I wasn’t expecting much.

Here was my standing:


Ah, worse again – only dropped 4 places this time though so not as much of a down turn as last time.

On to the next update:

Merging Lines – top 10% last time, is that still going? Here was my standing:


Still top 10% but dropped about 400 places – but I can live with that. Still in with a fighting chance.

Quite a mix of highs and lows again from these two weeks – all good experience though and something to build from giving me plenty of things to consider with future entries.

Thanks for reading, the next of these posts will follow next weekend.

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