Following on from the first post in this new series here are the next sets of results.

Whilst catching up I will most likely post up two or maybe three sets of results until I am up to date. Unfortunately there will probably be some gaps along the way but I think I have most of the results since those in the original post.

Final Result: Merging Lines

The next update was actually a final result on 17 September 2015 – this time for the Merging Lines competition.

As a reminder here was my entry:

Vaulted Ceiling

Here was my final result:


Top 10% again, so very, very pleased. In this competition there were 11,911 submissions so I was voted 777th. Though not as high as the water shot from the previous week and with far less entries I was still very pleased.

The link below will take you to the winners and finalists:

Weekly Rank Update 18 September 2015

This was a busy week with 7 entries over four competitions in the voting phase.

It is a Wild World – Simply your best outdoor shots.

Here is my entry:

Shallow Falls

You may remember from the last update that this I the same photo that wasn’t doing very well in the Mark of Time competition. I was sincerely hoping it would do better in this one, particularly as the Mark of Time also had an update this week as well as another competition I had used the same photo for.

Here was my standing:


Maybe not the best but considerably better than the last Mark of Time update, so quite happy with that.

The Beauty of Nature – as it sounds.

This was one that I had a few things I wanted to enter so I decided to use some of the extra entries I had got from a system of reward points that is available on ViewBug. Essentially you get points for uploading photos, commenting on, awarding, or liking other peoples photos etc, and as your points increase you hit certain milestones and one of the things you get as a free user is some bonus entries you can use if you want to for additional competition entries above the normal limit.

So here are the entries I decided to try out in the order they appeared in the update:

Shallow Falls


Man-made falls

Oh my!

A lot of entries for one competition, but how did they do?

First up the same photo as the first competition:


A much better performance for this photo than in the other comps, quite chuffed with that.

Next up the rose:


Maybe not ranked as high but still performing well enough – still top half or thereabouts.

Now the waterfall. This was the same one that did very well in the Best Water Shots 2015 so I was getting my hopes up already – I couldn’t help it:


Thank goodness for that. Not so much having a higher ranked photo, just that this photo was performing well having had such a good result previously.

Now the ring-tailed lemur:


One in the top 30% – again quite pleased with that.

So it seems my choices are doing well in this competition, but will it keep up next time?

Unfortunately I do not have the final rankings email for this competition and the voting period was very short. I can at least let you know if the photos finished in the top 10, 20, or 30%.

The lemur did not rank, nor did the rose.

The photo used in the Mark of Time ranked in the top 20%, and the waterfall photo actually dropped from top 10% to the top 30%.

There was a total of 34,445 entries in this competition. No stunning performance but I was quite happy none-the-less.

Mark of Time – The dreaded update. Results have been pretty awful so far but things might change. I don’t think for one moment they will, but they might. This was the same photo as used in It is a Wild World and the Beauty of Nature.

So here was the current standing:


Far from getting any better it has dropped a few more places. There are always people at the wrong end of the competition and this is certainly one of my turns. A good learning experience.

Now on to the final update from the week’s email.

Your Summer – Photos from summer, most of the competitions are fairly obviously named.

Here was my entry:

Over the hills and far away

So here was current standing:


Oh dear, it seems another duff entry. In a way I wasn’t surprised as I figured that most entries would have been people having fun in the Sun rather than a landscape. As with the Mark of Time photo this is still one I am proud of and this result won’t change that. Onwards and upwards.

Final Result: Outdoor Action and Adventure

This was a very short voting period hence this has not appeared on any of the updates so far.

Here are my two entries:


Forth Road Bridge

And here were the results:



One good, one bad – can’t argue with that.

This competition was fairly low on numbers, only having 7932 entries in total so all in all quite happy with the results.

The winners and finalists can be seen at the link below as well as a link to see all of the entries if you wish:

Weekly Rank Update 25 September 2015

Not such a busy week this week for the updates, just three competitions.

It’s a Wild World – the first update for this is shown above and it had not been doing particularly well, so lets see how it was going now:


Not into the top 30% but this is about 4,000 places higher than last week which is a pleasing level of improvement.

Outdoor Galore – another as it sounds contest.

Here was my entry, one of my favourite recent photos:

Fields of Gold

So here was the current standing:


I’m glad this one was doing well since this is one of my recent favourites. It’s always pleasing to know other people like what I do and maybe even share my favourites.

Now the last update of the week:

Mark of Time

Here we go again, probably not going to be a great finish to the week then, but at least I’m prepared for it. Here was my current standing:


Two places up on last week. An improvement at least – just.

Another mix of highs and lows from these updates – another good learning experience.

Thanks for reading. The next of these posts will follow next weekend.

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