English Heritage 2nd Year of Membership – still bloody great value

Re-posting of an old blog from 2013. We have a family membership for English Heritage. We originally joined back in 2011, and apart from a couple of years in the middle we have been members ever since. I have previously reposted a blog from the old Fujifilm site about our first year of membership (EnglishContinue reading “English Heritage 2nd Year of Membership – still bloody great value”

A Day at IWM Duxford

Just 2 weeks ago my family and I had a day at IWM Duxford. I’ve been to Duxford a few times in the past – see http://www.myfinepix.co.uk/blog/728788/577560 for photos from my last visit – and was looking forward to going again. Although perhaps not ideal for photographic opportunities (everything is very cramped to try and keep as muchContinue reading “A Day at IWM Duxford”