Places I Miss Because of COVID-19 #2

With all the uncertainty at the moment and lock downs as a result of COVID-19 I thought – as have a number of others – it might be nice to shine a spotlight on places that you miss going to because you are currently not allowed. Part of the reason for sharing the places IContinue reading “Places I Miss Because of COVID-19 #2”

English Heritage 2nd Year of Membership – still bloody great value

Re-posting of an old blog from 2013. We have a family membership for English Heritage. We originally joined back in 2011, and apart from a couple of years in the middle we have been members ever since. I have previously reposted a blog from the old Fujifilm site about our first year of membership (EnglishContinue reading “English Heritage 2nd Year of Membership – still bloody great value”

Peterborough Cathedral

Those of you who have read much of my blog will know that one of my favourite subjects to photograph is Peterborough Cathedral. Right in the centre of Peterborough, it is something of a hidden gem. I thought it was time to show some more photos of the Cathedral and that now might be aContinue reading “Peterborough Cathedral”