A Few Photos of Peterborough

i recently had a few photos featured on the Peterborough Loves website – you can see the specific post at the link below: http://www.peterboroughloves.co.uk/peterborough-loves-great-photos-local-photography-neil-torr/   I sent them in as I had been asked to send a few as I keep in touch with the person who runs the site. It’s nice to see someoneContinue reading “A Few Photos of Peterborough”

Peterborough on a Wet Night 2015

I popped out with the camera and tripod briefly on Tuesday evening last week trying to get a few pictures in the wet which can look quite spectacular with the older buildings – the Cathedral in particular – and with the added bonus of the Christmas lights being up thought it was worth braving the rain. Here are aContinue reading “Peterborough on a Wet Night 2015”