On the weekend of 10th and 11th June 2017 All Saints Church on Park Road in Peterborough held a Flower Festival to help raise funds for some roof repairs to the church. Although a success more money still needs to be raised – please see the end of this post for details.

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People were able to create anything they wanted as long as flowers featured in the display in some way. There was quite a variety of things created of which I thought I would share a few here. I’ll apologise in advance as the photos are not necessarily anything great, I just tried to get a few snaps as I wandered around the church.

2017-06-10 Flower Festival 035

Four Seasons Pizza – by Shirley and Jill


2017-06-10 Flower Festival 070

Queen of Hearts – by Anne and Linda


2017-06-10 Flower Festival 025

Club Tropicana – by Gillian


The next one I though was very clever and well executed. Alright so there aren’t any actual flowers but I think they are very well represented:

2017-06-10 Flower Festival 016

Beetroot Garden – by Ruth


This next one was huge had some wonderful little details. The next photo is the whole display, the following two are of smaller parts of it. The title follows after all three photos:

2017-06-10 Flower Festival 010

2017-06-10 Flower Festival 011

2017-06-10 Flower Festival 014

From Centre Court to Centre Stage – by Emily


2017-06-10 Flower Festival 007

Tea for Two – by Deirdre


2017-06-10 Flower Festival 066

Follow the Yellow Brick Road – by Susan


2017-06-10 Flower Festival 043

Biology in Bloom – by James and Catherine

2017-06-10 Flower Festival 024

Grow, Laugh, Learn Together – by Queen’s Drive Infants School


I had to take this next one in two photos:

2017-06-10 Flower Festival 036

2017-06-10 Flower Festival 044

Ballerinas – by Jill and Shirley


2017-06-10 Flower Festival 008

Daisy – by Susan

2017-06-10 Flower Festival 006

Forget Me Not – by the Peterborough Alzheimers Society


2017-06-10 Flower Festival 027

Children’s Society – by Junior Church

2017-06-10 Flower Festival 050

Say ‘IT’ with Flowers – by Claire


This last one was my personal favourite. A nice simple idea used to give a very pleasant display:

2017-06-10 Flower Festival 055 copy

A Walk in the Country – by Mimi and Deirdre


So that is a select few of the festival displays – there were quite a lot more than this as well.


This was all done to raise some money for the church funds so there had been a very small entry (of £1). In addition there was a tombola, raffle (one of the prizes included an original painting by one of our local artists Tony Nero – you can find out more here http://www.artoftonynero.com/ or here https://www.facebook.com/ArtofTonyNero), and also a little café set up to sell home made cakes (or even an afternoon tea if you desired) so we stopped in for a cake before going. All in all a lovely day out.


Unfortunately although a lot of money was raised more is needed to completely pay for the repairs. Work has already begun but if anyone is able to help raise the last funds then please contact the church to find details of how to help. Contact details can be found at the link below:



Should anyone reading this be local to the Peterborough area you can find out more about events at All Saints Church here: https://allsaintspeterborough.org.uk/


Thank you for taking time to read this post, I hope you have enjoyed it.

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