My Good, Bad, and Ugly Competition Results from ViewBug 5

I haven’t posted in this series for a very long time having intended to make this at least a relatively regular one. Time to start catching up.

As a quick note this post has been sat in the drafts for so long that I don’t think the winners in the competitions are obvious from the links anymore, but you can still get to see the other entries if you so desire.


Following on from the first post in this series here are the next sets of results.

First up this time are a few final results.


Final Result: Plants and Critters

This one had been top 50% last week, as a reminder here was my entry:

I'm watching you!

So here was my final standing:


Dropped by about 1,300 places. Not the end of the world but obviously not what I had hoped for.

There were a total of 17,891. The winners and a finalist can be found here together with a link to all of the entrants should you wish to take a look:

Final Result: Mix It Up

So this was all about the editing. As mentioned previously I am not particularly heavy on editing so there was only one image I had that I felt was suitable:

Don't edit the reaper

So here is the final result:


An increase, and just enough to get me into the top 50% so very pleased with the final result.

There were a total of 8785 entries for this competition.

To view the winners and finalists please visit the link below. There will also be a link to view all entries:

Final Result: Meditation Places

So as a reminder here was my entry:

Fields of Gold

This was one of my recent favourites so was hoping there might be an improvement from last time which saw me in the top 50% – not bad just not what I had hoped for.

So how had things finished? Here was my final standing:


Still in the top 50%, but this did place me almost 4,000 places higher than the last voting update – I’m not going to complain about that, it’s quite pleasing.

There were a total of 16,233 entries. Funnily enough this does mean that in fact the last update I was not in the top 50% of entries – I wasn’t far off but not quite there.

You can view the winners and finalists at the link below. There is also a link to see the other entries if you wish:

Final Result: Inspiring Places

This was a competition I had used one of my bonus entries for. As a reminder were my entries:

Vaulted Ceiling

Fountains Abbey

These had ranked top 30% and top 10% respectively. So had they kept it up?



The top 30% update had finished in the top 20%, though it had only gone up about 500 places.

The other photo remained in the top 10%, though it dropped by almost 1,000 places.

Obviously quite happy with these results. There were a total of 14,699 entries for this competition.

You can view the winners and finalists at the link below. There is also a link available to see all of the entries if you wish:

I’ll leave it here for this post as it has been so long since I put the last one up (and this one has been sitting in the draft posts) that the layout of the result updates and final positions has closed so there will be an element of a new look to these.

Thanks for reading, more to follow soon (hopefully).

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