The next WP I am going to respond to is Mirror, capturing reflections in whatever you happen to see them in:

There are of course lots of things that you get reflections in – mirrors, glasses, bodies of water, metallic objects and so on. Each of these gives differing levels of reflectivity. Some will reflect perfectly whilst others distort, others again will only reflect a vague impression. So where to start.

I guess the obvious choice is a mirror. The photo below is quite an old one – from a family holiday to Berlin back in 2012. We were in the Friedrichsfelde Palace in Tierpark (this is one of the 2 zoos in Berlin, both of which are excellent, you can find more at previous blogs, Berlin Zoo and Tierpark) with this old mirror, when my daughter decided she was going to dance:

2012-04-08_1689 copy sig


If you have read many of my previous posts you will have a regular place to appear in my blogs is Peterborough Cathedral. One of my favourite photos from the Cathedral is one looking along the nave towards the West end with one of the viewing mirrors at the bottom of the photo reflecting the ceiling.



As much as I would love to say that the photo above had been planned, I actually spotted it purely by chance walking by the mirror while I was positioning myself for a different photo. As a result I have had one or two attempts to try to improve on it now that I have a better understanding of what I was doing with the camera:

Reflections on the Cross


This is more what the mirror was intended, for viewing the ceiling without getting a crick in your neck:



I also want to share some reflections in water. To get some decent reflections the water needs to be reasonably still and can give some wonderful results.

First of all here is the Archer Pavilion at the English Heritage property Wrest Park, viewed from the far end of the Long Water:

Archer Pavilion, Wrest Park


This one is the Flora Fountain (or what remains of it at least) at Witley Court, another English Heritage property:


Flora Fountain


This final one is of Houghton Mill, a National Trust property. Although the mill is in working order, it only works on a Sunday – this was taken on a very still September Saturday so although it is a river (the River Ouse) the water was surprisingly still as well:

Houghton Mill


Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I hope you enjoyed.

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