So the photo challenge I am doing this time was from August 2016, the challenge being to “find an alternative frame to the world around you” –


This is something I often do when looking at architectural photos – the frames are often built in to what you are photographing, if you’ll pardon the pun.


One place that is particularly good for providing the photographer with a frame of its own is Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire. There are so many windows, archways, and doorways it is actually difficult not to find a in situ framing opportunity. Some of my photos from here have appeared in my blogs a few times previously, so rather than re-use those ones here are some different ones:

Fountains Abbey Cellarium and Refectory


Hubys Tower Through the Arch


Hubys Tower Through the Window


Cathedrals also provide a lot of framing opportunities, the following examples are all from Peterborough Cathedral. These opportunities are not necessarily complete frames as with the arches and windows but simply aligning between items such as the candles on the choir stalls:

2016-10-18 Pboro Cathedral Candles 022 copy b+w sig


2016-10-18 Pboro Cathedral Candles 035 copy b+w news sig


The ceilings of the central tower of a cathedral will be framed by the tower itself leading to some pleasing effects:

Looking Up without zoom


It is possible to find framing opportunities in many places – you will often find simply a slight change of viewpoint will turn a larger object into a frame of sorts:

Bristol F2b


Sometimes it is even possible to get something to frame itself as with this example, the expansive wing of the Vulcan here lending itself as a frame to the forward fuselage of the plane:

Graceful Lady


Thank you for taking the time to look at this latest post, I hope you have enjoyed looking through my photos.

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