Yes, this really is a weekly photo challenge, it’s just that the challenge was a long time ago – it was in July 2016 in fact. As per usual I haven’t blogged for a while as I usually take a long time to prepare the posts the way I want.


So the theme for this one was Look Up. There have been a number of times I do this anyway as I have been to a few airshows, so I thought I might try and find a few other photos looking up. Airshows will feature as well, I just thought I might try and find something else as well.


To start off with here are a few airshow photos.


Frecce Tricolori at RAF Waddington International Airshow 2012:

Frecce Tricolori


Thumper, the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Lancaster at the RAF Waddington International Airshow 2013:



Saab Viggen from the Swedish Air Force historic Flightat the RAF Waddington International Airshow 2014:

Swedish Historic Flight Saab Viggen


Fiesler Storch at the Shuttleworth Collection Military Pageant 2015:

Fieseler Storch


Moving on from the airshows here is one from Warwick Castle in one of the stately rooms. If you don’t look up you’d miss the arrays of weapons on the walls:

Warwick Castle 056


In Peterborough Cathedral you have the hanging crucifix designed by George Pace, the image of Christ on it by Frank Roper:

2016-10-18 Pboro Cathedral Candles 005 copy sig

Of course a lot of people don’t like this, so in their mind perhaps not looking up would be preferable.


It is also worth looking up in the central tower of Peterborough Cathedral to see the beautifully decorated ceiling:

Looking Up


You also can’t ignore the wooden nave ceiling of Peterborough Cathedral – one of only four of its kind in Europe and the only one in the UK. It is probably easier to look down into one of the mirros to look up at the ceiling though – saves the crick in the neck:

Reflections on the Cross



This is Owlbert the white-faced scops owl:

Master of my domain!

I was on my back looking up at Owlbert to take this photo – in case you don’t believe me see this post by Tom Briggs about the photo day when this was taken:


Finally, if you are going to look up you can’t help but think about the night sky, looking up to the stars:

Starry Starry Night


Thanks you for taking time to read through this post, I hope you enjoyed it.

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    Thank you ffor being you

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