My Good, Bad, and Ugly Competition Results from ViewBug 4

Following on from the first post in this series here are the next sets of results.

The next updates were a string of final results.


Final Result: Outdoor Galore

Having had an update in the top 10% I was hoping this managed to keep going along similar lines.

As a reminder here was my entry:

Fields of Gold

So here was the final result:


Top 10% again, an moved up by 61 places in the vote.

This was out of a total of 14,249 entries, so heading towards the lower end to the top 10% but can’t complain – a nice result.

The link below will take you to the winners and finalists as well as giving a link to all of the entries made:


Final Result: It is a Wild World

This had had a rather shaky start in it’s first week, then picked up quite drastically the following week, though not enough to get me in the top 30%. So how did it finish?

As a reminder here was my entry:

Shallow Falls

So here was my final standing:


Having gone up by about 4,000 after the first week I had now dropped by about 2,000 – this is obviously a photo that has very mixed reactions from people.

There were 16,298 entries for this competition so I was in the top 50% at my highest though this did not last long.

Below is a link to the winners and finalists where you can also get to view all of the entries:


Final Result: Image of the Month Vol. 1

Entries for this competition are picked automatically from the uploads you make in a given month. The photo picked automatically will be the most liked/awarded by other users – you can change the automatic entry if you want to. The only restriction is that the photo has to have been uploaded in the previous month – as you can imagine there will likely be a lot of entries even though only one photo can be entered by each member.

For this first edition of the competition the photos had to have been uploaded in August, volume 2 would have to be uploaded in September etc.

So here was my entry:

Don't edit the reaper

For those that haven’t seen the post this was a creation from two of my photos which I did a post about here: Experiments with photo editing

So how did it do?


Ok, so not in the top 50%, but ranked ahead of over 18,000 photos – I can live with that.

There were a total of 41,381 entries for this competition.

The winners and finalists and a link to all of the entries can be found at the link below:


Final Result: Mark of Time

This had been in the voting stage for some time – and with how well the photo had been performing it certainly felt like it.

As a reminder here is the entry, the same photo used for It is a Wild World:

Shallow Falls

Here was the final standing:


Oh. Oh dear. It has dropped further again. This is my lowest standing in this competition over the weeks, but that’s ok. realistically it was never going to be much better than previous weeks, though you always hope for an improvement.

There were a total of 9,998 entries in this competition, not a big entry compared to most.

Here is the link to the winners and finalists which also has a link to view all entries:


Final Result: High Speed Photography

Another new contest that had a very short voting period, this was simply a shot with a quick shutter speed to capture the moment. Here was my entry:

X-E2 Raptor 365 copy

But how did it do? Here was the final result:


Top 30% again, quite happy with that.

There were a total of 7,655 entries so I was only just outside the top 20% – a touch frustrating perhaps but still happy with a top 30.

Here is the link to the list of winners and finalists which has a link available to all of the entries:


Weekly Rank Update: 16 October 2015

Having misplaced one week’s results, and one more week where there I only had a final result and no other updates this brings us to 16 October with 5 new competitions in the voting stages.

Plants and Critters

Photos featuring animals/insect etc and plants. Fairly straightforward.

Here as my entry:

I'm watching you!

This was taken on a photography day at The Raptor Foundation in 2013 – a chance to get closer to the raptors than normal whilst they were in more natural settings than in the main enclosures.

So here was my standing:


I was a little disappointed with this had hoped it would have done better, but top 50% is still more than acceptable.

Meditation Places

Calming scenes or places that you like to go.

Here was my entry:

Fields of Gold

The same photo as used in Outdoor Galore which finished in the top 10% so I already had reasonable hopes for this.

So here was my standing:


Not doing so well, but still top 50% so again I shouldn’t complain – still a pleasing update.

Mix it Up

This was something a little more unusual for me. The theme was to share your best edited photos. Not simply tweaks to contrast and colour adjustments but more adventurous composites and alterations. There was only really one photo I had to use for this and it was the one that featured in the image of the month volume 1:

Don't edit the reaper

This was a composite of a highly adapted photo of the (originally) golden effigy of death from the sarcophagus of Sophie Charlotte and a fire pit from a friends wedding. More details of this photo can be found here: Experiments with photo editing

So here was my standing:


Not the greatest start by any means but it could certainly be worse.

Inspiring Places

As it sounds.

I had two entries in this competition, ones that I have used on quite a regular basis – both are from Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire:

Vaulted Ceiling

Fountains Abbey

Both of these photos have done well in the past with the first one being the only finalist I have had in any of the competitions.

So here was my standing:



Two pleasing results – hopefully there would be some improvements as we go along but very happy so far.

On to the final update for that week.

Image of the Month Vol. 2

As with volume one, one entry from any photos uploaded in the previous month.

Here was my entry:

Houghton Mill

This was from a very sunny, still, mid-September day at Houghton Mill, the mill was not operating so the water of the river remained very still allowing for the reflections.

So here was my standing:


Although not in the top 50% just looking at the sheer volume of entries I was ranked above I was very happy with this. Being in the top 50% would have been very nice, ranking ahead of nearly 60,000 photos is a very nice feeling.

I will stop here for this update and continue next time with further results as I get closer to being up to date with the results.

Thank you for reading.

4 responses to “My Good, Bad, and Ugly Competition Results from ViewBug 4”

  1. Jo Groves Walker Avatar

    Its still well done Neil entering Viewbug to get those results is amazing.The competition is really high on Viewbug. I never even hear about my photographs again after I have entered them, I only do the free ones.You will win one day keep entering. I enjoy your blog, keep up the good work I do read it, I just didn’t realise i could comment until today. This will come from my Facebook email not my personal.


    1. neiltorr Avatar

      Thanks Jo 🙂 It might be worth checking your notification settings on Viewbug to make sure you get sent the updates – I don’t think they do by default.

      I think I will be looking at some different themes for the blog as there have been a few people say they couldn’t find the comment section. Need to find something a little more obvious I think and there are a few things I would like to do a little different anyway.

      Thanks again for reading and your kind comment 🙂


  2. Zoe Avatar

    Hi Neil

    I read your entries about Viewbug and tried the site out myself. This was mainly because of blog posts such as yours which piqued my curiosity.

    It’s clear from your analysis that one can try to understand how this site works, how to get placed higher in the competition, and how to get the best experience from it generally.

    However I took a more critical (yet still unbiased – I’ve no axe to grind) approach and perhaps you will find my review helpful.

    It’s clear that many of your better images didn’t do as well as they should have, and I would argue that this is because it’s pure algorithms behind it and very little for us as photographers to understand.

    My review is here: and I also reviewed Gurushots on the next post.


    1. neiltorr Avatar

      Thanks Zoe, I’ve had a read of both posts (I do put some stuff on Gurushots as well) and it is an interesting read. I think that as far as the algorithms are concerned there is most likely a slight bias towards the paid for accounts but as much as anything else having more entries allowed in the competitions is enough to put the balance in their favour – if you have more entries you have a greater chance of having an image that does well. Of course everything about photography for anything like this is down to the individual’s preferences, which these days for a lot of people tends towards the heavily processed work. As you pointed out there will always be problems with this kind of site and how it is judged, I try not to spend too much time on them but equally I do enjoy them.


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