So what would win then?

Ok, so you are about to see a photo that I was quite happy with.

It was taken at the Military Pageant at the Shuttleworth Collection, the Vulcan was the first display of the airshow proper – awesome sight as always and the sound was phenomenal.

But this photo got me thinking.

In a fight, what would win? The Vulcan, or the pigeon?

HS20 Shuttleworth 072 copy


  1. Hi Neil, Amazing post, thanks for keeping it short for blogging101. Loved the thought and question: My initial thought: the Vulcan! (bigger is better right?) Then decided I would need more information. Is this a race for who lasts longest? Probably the pigeon would win due to planned obsolescence by the Vulcan’s creators. Anyway, great food for thought. Great site!


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