So what would win then?

Ok, so you are about to see a photo that I was quite happy with.

It was taken at the Military Pageant at the Shuttleworth Collection, the Vulcan was the first display of the airshow proper – awesome sight as always and the sound was phenomenal.

But this photo got me thinking.

In a fight, what would win? The Vulcan, or the pigeon?

HS20 Shuttleworth 072 copy

Published by neiltorr

Amateur photographer, interested in books, music, aviation, historical buildings, nature. I'm an active athlete (sort of) and qualified sprints coach. I work in IT

5 thoughts on “So what would win then?

  1. Hi Neil, Amazing post, thanks for keeping it short for blogging101. Loved the thought and question: My initial thought: the Vulcan! (bigger is better right?) Then decided I would need more information. Is this a race for who lasts longest? Probably the pigeon would win due to planned obsolescence by the Vulcan’s creators. Anyway, great food for thought. Great site!


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