As per my re-start post I am going to be re-blogging some of my posts from a site that unfortunately no longer exists in an effort to get working on my blog again.

This was the first big blog collection I worked on, wanting to add a bit more substance rather than just a few pictures. The first couple of days probably had the least amount of information with more to follow later.

As before the photos are left as per the original – getting more confident and starting to get more photos I was happy with – which was part of the reason the blogs started getting longer at this point.

At the beginning of April I went on holiday to Berlin for a week with my beautiful wife and daughter and took rather a lot of photos by my previous standards.

I thought now was time to share a few and struggled to cut down from the first two days, so here we go. Sorry, this is a long one but will hopefully be interesting.


The flight out over the English coast – that was as far as we got day 1. We got to the hotel and flaked out for the afternoon after an very early start and a stressful time at airport departures – damn you Luton Airport!


Day 2, the first journey in to Berlin proper. We got to Alexanderplatz where there was an outdoor market area for Easter celebrations.


From there we had a wander around looking for – of all things – the Sea Life Centre. In doing so we got our first look at the Rotes Rathaus – more of this to follow later.


The Neptune Fountain – with Jo and Beth sat in front of it – was originally built in 1891, designed by Reinhold Begas. Originally located in Schlossplatz it was moved in 1951 when the Berlin City Palace was demolished. Once restored it was moved in 1969 to its current location between the Rotes Rathaus and St Mary’s Church.


The Fernsehturm (TV tower) – currently the tallest structure in Germany. Built between 1965-69 by the former German Democratic Republic. Beth was very excited by this and all week we had shouts of ‘Daddy, I can see the big ball’ whenever it was spotted which at that height was most of the time.


Then into the Sea Life Centre – not so much to read for a moment now as I forgot to note species etc. Feel free to let me know species if you know them and I will fill in for others.


Octopus – of some sort.




Spiney(?) seahorse




Electric Ray



Japanese Spider Crab – monstrous thing (there is another one on the other side of the rock it’s hanging onto).


The last thing at the Sealife Cente is the Aquadom. The largest freestanding aquarium in the world at 25m high and holding 1 million litres of water and over 1500 fish – and you ride a lift up and down the middle of it.


Beth waving out of the lift – but not at the anyone in the hotel rooms that surround the Aquadom.


It was at this guy cleaning the tank – must take a while.



The TV Tower and St Mary’s Church as we came out.


Then popped into St Mary’s quickly – here is the altar.


Before popping over to the Rotes Rathaus and having a quick look inside.


Window overlooking the lobby of the Rotes Rathaus.


And then walking through the Nicholas Quarter – lots of book shops and cafes and this, St Nicholas Church – now a museum.


And a statue of St George and the Dragon.


Neuer Marstall (New Stables) built in 1901.


Then to the Berliner Dom – the protestant cathedral which was rather large and imposing.


Inside was spectacular. This was the view up to the dome which had to be rebuilt after the war.


This is a close up of the centre of the photo above.


A truly enormous organ with 7269 pipes and 113 registers across 4 manuals and pedals.


Looking down at the alter on the walk up to the dome.


The view from the top of the dome to where we had walked that day. That view alone was worth the 270 steps a lot of which were carrying Beth.


One of the angels around the outside of the dome. This was the photo I turned into my entry for April’s competition.

After this it was time for food and then back to the hotel for a long sleep.

More days will follow. If this one didn’t bore you rigid I will follow this up with the remaining days which will include trips to two zoos, Potsdam and also more general wanderings.

I hope you have enjoyed the first days of our holiday as much as we did.

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