As per my re-start post I am going to be re-blogging some of my posts from a site that unfortunately no longer exists in an effort to get working on my blog again.

This was a weekend in mid-March 2012. This was still early days for me blogging wise though content did make a sudden jump in the following few posts which will be appearing soon.

This last weekend we went to Shropshire to visit family and friends.

The weather was good so I decided to take the chance to play with the HS20 some more.


Staying on Clee Hill, this was the view down to Ludlow – a few miles distant at the bottom of the hill.


Saturday we visited some friends near Cleobury Mortimer where our little girl was spoilt with a number of cuddly toys to play with…

2012-03-10_0446…which then got used as missiles.


Before we went for a walk with one of many of their dogs.


Enjoying the scenery along the way…

2012-03-10_0349_0 2012-03-10_0350_0

…and waving to the tractor driver.


Then exercising the dog when we had a bit of space.


Lots of running


Lots of jumping


And lots of swimming


Before drying off

2012-03-10_0374_0And going back to see the other dogs – this was one of 4 others.


Then back to Clee Hill for the views down the hill and this little guy sat in the tree.

The following day was sunnier so I took the opportunity for some experimentation with close ups.

2012-03-11_0424_0 2012-03-11_0426_crop 2012-03-11_0429_0 2012-03-11_0436_crop_0 2012-03-11_0442 2012-03-11_0441_0 2012-03-11_0445_0

I hope you enjoyed the results of my weekend away. All comments and tips would be greatly appreciated.

One response to “Weekend in Shropshire – March 2012”

  1. Karen Avatar

    Beautiful light, looks like you had a good day.


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