Introduction to the restart of my blog

As I am in the middle of re-producing a number of old blogs from old myfinepix site Fujifilm used to run, I thought now might be a good time to explain a little about myself and what I am hoping to do with this blog.

As explained previously I am an amateur photographer who has trying to further my hobby now for a little over 3 years.

I like to photograph a number of different subjects – birds (particularly birds of prey), animals, architecture (mainly historical), aircraft, and family and friends.

Almost all of my photography is done on days out with the family so essentially I will be sharing our days out along with a few more days where I have been allowed out on my own. Hopefully this may give people ideas on where they can go for a nice day out as well as giving like minded people some ideas for where to go for some great photo opportunities.

Nave through the arch

The main aim of my blog is to be sharing my (hopeful) development as a photographer and would be interested in what people think of my work as I go along whilst giving ideas for days out and providing as much information as I can.

Having tried this once before almost a year ago and not getting very far I am using blogging101 to give some impetus to keep me going.

Feel free to leave me any feedback or any constructive criticism as it will all help in the end.

Thank you for taking the time to view my blog, I hope you enjoy it.

Published by neiltorr

Amateur photographer, interested in books, music, aviation, historical buildings, nature. I'm an active athlete (sort of) and qualified sprints coach. I work in IT

16 thoughts on “Introduction to the restart of my blog

  1. Love the photos – I too like to capture birds and take a lot of photos on family days out. They are nowhere near your quality though. I will watch your blog for ideas and inspiration! Need to dust off my camera.


    1. Thank – family days out are the best. I will start to include a few details about the photos soon so that anyone interested can see what I do. These two were taken on cameras I had on review from Fujifilm – one of which I still have for the moment – and as much as I love my own camera it is not up to the standard of either of the other two. Must get saving to get a new camera 🙂


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