As per my re-start post I am going to be re-blogging some of my posts from a site that unfortunately no longer exists in an effort to get working on my blog again.

This was a day out in March 2012, still getting to know the camera but at least getting a bit more comfortable with it now – looking back now though still had a long way to go. As with other old blog posts photos are posted here as they were in the original blog.

Unfortunately with a grumpy daughter on the day we did not actually see much of the centre but hopefully a few good shots here despite moving and shooting quickly to try and see as much as we could before having to give up.

As with my previous post from the Raptor Foundation please forgive my ignorance for not knowing what all of them are.


Grey Owl. The birds on display were a mixture of in cages and out on tethered on perches – this one tried on a number of occasions to fly away.




2012-02-12_0060Turkey Vulture


Snowy Owl


2012-02-12_0085Tawny Owl


2012-02-12_0098Tawny Owl close up.


Tawny Owl. In both this one and the next you can actually see my reflection in the eyes and the flash as well.







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