As per my re-start post I am going to be re-blogging some of my posts from a site that unfortunately no longer exists in an effort to get working on my blog again. This was my second ever blog, as the title suggests a wet January night in Peterborough. Still not a lot of text as this was so early days, simply enjoying my photos at the time and trying to get some pointers on how I could be improving them. Again, the photos are untouched. The first night shots I tried with the HS20EXR. A wet and miserable night but a good chance for a few night shots of a church and Peterborough Cathedral. St John the Baptist Parish ChurchSt John the Baptist Parish Church, Cathedral Square. St John the Baptist Parish Church, Cathedral Square Peterborough Cathedral Peterborough Cathedral looking over the precinct walls from Cathedral Square. The light through the drizzle almost makes it look like a fire is in the grounds. Peterborough CathedralPeterborough Cathedral from inside the grounds. dscf0738North side of the Cathedral – like a scene from town in the early 1800’s… dscf0739…if it wasn’t for the electric lights and signs anyway.

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